Clean Agent Systems | Birmingham, AL
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Don't take chances with your business. If your clean agent fire suppression system is on the fritz, you can get same day services for your convenience.

Protect valuable data on your electronic equipment


How effective is your system?

Whether your establishment has computer labs, clean rooms, telephone switch rooms, or priceless art and historical applications, a sprinkler system is sure to do great damage to your valuables. This is where Clean Agent Systems come in handy.


Clean Agent Systems supress fires without the use of water or other materials that can ruin expensive equipment which is essential for the success of your business. Our business is to keep you in business with the fire protection services that best fit your needs.

Industrial Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems, like paint booth fire suppression systems, are required to be inspected and serviced every 6 months.


Our certified technicians can provide this service for all types of systems and brands. You can even have us track when your inspections are due so you are never late.


Call now to schedule your next inspection.

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