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Our guys are trained, are yours?

Extinguishers for any home or business

Bama Fire is an Amerex distributor and carries an extensive inventory of compliance and specialty hand portable fire extinguishers. Our technicians are factory trained, insured and continuously educated to help you evaluate and implement NFPA 10 recommendations for you.


We've also recently increased our inventory of Architectural Cabinets and portable fire extinguishers. You can have your pick of professional fire extinguisher cabinets from JL Industries, Larson's Manufacturing, Potter Roemer or Brooks Fire Equipment.

OSHA requires your employee safety program to include training in the use of fire extinguishers. Make sure your company is certified through Bama Fire's on-site training.


Our certified instructors offer a training program complete with a video presentation, classroom instruction and actual hands-on fire extinguisher use. Call now to schedule a class.

Studies have shown that a trained employee is much more able and confident to successfully extinguish a fire in an emergency situation.

Call now for a FREE fire services estimate.

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